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Gift Card Program with Lifetime Adoption Foundation

• Do you shop online?
• Do you buy groceries?
• Do you give gifts to friends and family?
• Do you grab a quick bite out sometimes?
• Ever want to give your birth mom a gift, but not sure how to go about that?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then Lifetime Adoption Foundation’s Gift Card Program is perfect for you!

cardsHow it works:

Lifetime Adoption Foundation as a non-profit has the opportunity to purchase gift cards to 100’s of well known stores at a discounted rate. You, your family, friends, church members and others can purchase these cards at face value, and Lifetime Adoption Foundation in turn receives the percentage back from the gift card company.

Here are some ideas:
• You can buy gift cards for Christmas gifts or birthdays.
• Taking the program one step further think about birth moms, when they need toiletries, maternity clothes, or gas, you can help by donating gift are donating to birth moms, plus the Foundation is getting a percentage back from your donation!
• How about your daily purchases: groceries, that home-improvement project you are planning, and gasoline just to name a few. Think if you purchased gift cards for these items, you are planning on spending the money at the store anyway…why not use a gift card that allows you to be donating to a great cause.

Ordering is easy:
• Order online at
• The first time you order you will need to set up an account with
....Enrollment code: 78CB645526342
• You can order and pay directly online (please note there is a 0.39¢ fee per order if paying online) – fees are withdrawn from your specified account (i.e. checking/savings)
• You can order online and then send Lifetime Adoption Foundation a check for the amount of your order (face value of all cards ordered)
• Send email with order, including specific amount of each gift card, then send check
• Call Lifetime Adoption Foundation at 530.432.7383 and place your order

Here are some examples:

We are planning on painting our house soon, Home Depot has paint on sale in a couple of weeks. I went to and placed an order, 1- $500 gift card, this is money I was going to spend at Home Depot. This purchase directly comes out of my checking account (as this is the way I set it up) and now I will get cards in mail in a
week and be able to go to Home Depot and buy my paint on sale. My purchase has not cost me anything extra and Lifetime Adoption Foundation has just made $25 as Home Depot gives them 5% back.

Birth mom Marie is in need of some fresh fruits and veggies. Our coordinator at Lifetime Adoption has shared that Marie has a Safeway near by. So yesterday I talked with our attorney and he said helping our birth mom out with groceries in her state is ok, so I called up Lifetime Adoption Foundation and let them know that I needed to purchase a $100 gift card for our birth mom Marie, After placing my order, I wrote a check to Lifetime Adoption Foundation and put it in the mail. Marie will get her new grocery card so she can get some of the oranges she has been craving, the Foundation earns $4.00, and I have made a donation.

My neighbor has really been helping us out with our dogs when we went to visit our relatives last month, I wanted to thank her but she really doesn’t need anything. So when I was on the Lifetime membership site and saw that I could order gift cards and 10% of my Macy’s card purchase would go to helping birth moms I decided to order today.

Our church is having a fundraiser in a couple of weeks and I will be heading down to Walmart to buy all of the supplies (about $350.00 worth). I thought about the gift cards from Lifetime Adoption Foundation and knew that they could be getting a percentage back. I ordered them via email, sent in my check and did the shopping.

If just one family made these purchases, Lifetime Adoption Foundation would earn $38.50 with only a little forethought needed. There is no additional expense to you. Think if you did this with all of your standard monthly shopping. Now think if just half of Lifetime Adoption’s families did this, add in friends, family, and others and the number goes up dramatically….all benefitting birth moms.

Remember, Lifetime's Enrollment code is: 78CB645526342

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