Lifetime's Everyday Giving

Ordering is easy from Shop With Scrip. Here is how you start:

  • The first time you order you will need to set up an account: please follow this link to register.

    • Please copy and paste this enrollment code when prompted for the non-profit organization:


  • You can order and pay directly online or send in your check to Lifetime Adoption Foundation.

a few of the many gift cards available

Here is an example of how you can use these cards:

Average Family Monthly Spending:
  Monthly Donation
Grocery $500   20.00
Gas $300 6.00
Coffee $60 4.00
Clothes $50 4.50
Dinner out $40 3.60
Gifts $25 2.25

Total $975 $40.35
(almost $500 per year)
x 50 families=
$2,175 per month!


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